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The MORT programme was run under contract for ERDA and the DOE, its successor body, by the System Safety Development Centre (SSDC). NRI aims to scan publish all the SSDC documents; this is done on a demand basis. Where sponsorship can be arranged, NRI will develop and publish revisions of texts.

Documents published by the MORT programme

Occupancy-Use Readiness Manual (SSDC-1, 1975 original)

Human Factors in Design

A Contractor Guide to Advance Preparation for Accident Investigation

MORT User's Manual (SSDC-4, 1992 original and 2010 NRI revision)

Reported Significant Observation (RSO) Studies  (SSDC-5, 1974 original)

Training as Related to Behavioral Change

DOE Guide to the Classification of Recordable Accidents

Standardization Guide for Construction and Use of MORT-Type Analytic Trees

Safety Information System Guide

Safety Information System Cataloging

Risk Management Guide (SSDC-11, 1982 original)

Safety Considerations in Evaluation of Maintenance Programs

Management Factors in Accident/Incidents (Including Management Self-Evaluation Checksheets)

Events and Causal Factors Charting (2007, NRI Revision)

Work Process Control Guide (SSDC-15, 1979 original)

SPRO Drilling and Completion Operations

Applications of MORT to Review of Safety Analyses

Safety Performance Measurement System

Job Safety Analysis (SSDC-19, 1979 original)

Management Evaluation and Control of Release of Hazardous Materials

Change Control and Analysis (SSDC-21, 1981, original)

Reliability and Fault Tree Analysis Guide

Safety Appraisal Guide (SSDC-23, 1982, original)

Safety Assurance System Summary (SASS) Manual for Appraisal (SSDC-24, 1982 original)

Effective Safety Review

Construction Safety Monographs

Accident/Incident Investigation Manual (SSDC-27, 2nd Edition, 1985 original)

Glossary of SSOC Terms and Acronyms

Barrier Analysis

Human Factors Management

The Process of Task Analysis

The Impact of the Human on System Safety Analysis

The MORT Program and the Safety Performance Measurement System

Basic Human Factors Considerations

A Guide for the Evaluation of Displays

MORT-Based Safety Professional/Program Development and Improvement

Time/loss Analysis

Safety Considerations for Security Programs

Process Operational Readiness and Operational Readiness Follow-On

The Assessment of Behavioral Climate