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As well as documenting how to manage of safety risks proactively, the MORT programme produced several methods and guides for investigators and investigating organisations.

Incident & Accident Investigation

Tools to help structure inquiries and spot gaps in the data

In the MORT tradition, incident analysis follows three steps:

  1. document the sequence of events in which the incident happened (e.g. using ECFA+)
  2. define and characterise the events to be analysed (e.g. using 3CA, or Energy Trace and Barrier Analysis)
  3. evaluate the hypothesis that the events happened as a result of how risks were being managed in the activity in which the incident occurred (e.g. using 3CA or MORT tree analysis)

Conference papers that discuss tools

The best time to prepare your organisation to investigate incidents is before they happen

As well as hurting people and damaging assets, incidents and accidents harm relationships between stakeholders and business continuity. To really learn from incidents, the investigating organisation needs to be ready to go as soon as they hear that something has happened…