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the Foundation

The Foundation was set-up in 1998 to make widely available the knowledge produced by the MORT programme between 1968 and 1992.  The MORT programme was committed to publishing as widely as possible risk management know-how that had the best evidence of efficacy. The NRI Foundation statutes set out the basis of its work. In a nutshell, NRI produces materials by working with partner organisations who are willing to contribute funds, knowledge and to see the results made available freely to others.

the Board

John Kingston, the chairman of the NRI Foundation,gained his PhD in research into safety management systems in 1997, and has worked on accident investigation for 30 years.

Petra Scheffers develops and advises on learning programmes in the field of Safety and Risk Management.

NRI will be appointing new board members in 2017

John Kingston Petra Scheffers

John Kingston

Petra Scheffers